Very pleasent to present you my latest project and collaboration with friends for 1 Minute Varna Film Race.
With this project i wanted to show some iconic places in the city of Varna, some atmosphere and also to tell people that, they need to go outside more often and forget about the TV or their phones for a moment, take a walk = take a possibility, do something you love even if alone! You will always meet some friend or make a new one. 

Director, editor and sound designer : Angel Kunev
Filmed by : Cam 1 - Asen Asenov, Cam 2 - Martin Kostadinov, Cam 3 - Angel Kunev, Drone - Angel Kunev
Starring : Nikolay Doychev, Misha Yordanova, Jakline Topalova, Magdalena Georgieva
Music source : Epidemic Sound
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