- This is so fresh preview of my sound design work for the Wedding films. Everything you can hear around, winds, birds and atmosphere is recorded, edited and mixed in 5.1 audio sequence for Blu-ray distribution.
- Thanks to Party DJs / Varna i had the possibility and great signal for recording the Priest from their microphone. 
- The DJS their sound system and skills are very important thing for a open air Wedding ceremony and not only. From the start of the ceremony till the end of the party! As a audio-visual content creator, filmmaker i want to get the maximum 100% quality signal from all the microphones and DJ set but, sometimes even the battery of their microphones can ruin the ceremony and the Wedding film production. If the DJ is playing low quality ( unlicensed ) mp3s that will also affect the quality of audio production and overall film quality and worst the event itself.
- When people choose a DJ for their Wedding event should discuss and have in mind the possibilities and DJ names which the filmmaker they choose can point and recommend with maximum high-quality system and skills. Remember that, it is not the WEDDING AGENCY that will lead you to a professional DJ and high - quality audio system for the Wedding event.

 - Scene example of my work on the Wedding film for Milena & Alexander
This video is a preview of the quality of my audio-visual Wedding Film production.

All rights reserved 2019
Shot and edit by Angel Kunev
Drone shots by Sky Pictures Bulgaria
Directed by Angel Kunev

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